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From the Pen of Our Pastor...

Parables from Life

Pam and I enjoy watching “Blue Bloods.” As a practice, we do not like to watch violent T.V. shows, but with “Blue Bloods”, we make an exception. What we like, in fact, love, is that the show always ends with the family praying, offering grace, as they all gather around the table for their Sunday supper after  having gone to church. A recent episode had both the Chaplain and the youngest of the sons, Jamie Reagan, an NYC Blue, struggling with their faith.

Faith. Webster’s says faith “is having a complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” The Bible defines faith as “being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”, (Hebrews 11:1) and this reminds me of a parable from life that my pastor and mentor, Rev. Charles Shields, once shared with me and others. It had to do with a Polaroid camera and instant pictures.


Have you ever used a Polaroid camera? Remember them? A thing of the past. Remember inserting the cartridge/film…then snap the picture, and wait. The film is ejected from the front of the camera and there you are holding in your hands a dark square of paper. At first you think nothing is happening, then, the image begins to emerge. Initially hazy and indistinct. As the chemicals dry, you begin to see the image getting clearer and clearer. Just a few minutes and you can see what was there in the first place. Just like our faith.


Something happens inside of us when we’ve been exposed to God. At first it may seem like nothing’s developing, ‘til sometime later (often months or even years) when an image begins to appear in our hearts, initially hazy and indistinct. But if we stay with it our sense of God will become clearer…until finally we see what was there in the first place.


My favorite line in the “Blue Bloods” episode was when the Chaplain, who is about ready to throw in the towel, and in the midst of having a conversation with the police Commissioner, played by Tom Selleck, says, “Keeping faith is like sitting by the phone, it never rings.”

The end of school is upon us and the summer season begins. No matter how young or old we are or where your summer vacation might take you, remember that faith is a year long-life-long journey. God does not take a vacation from us. God wants us to stay close to God and to one another throughout the fun and sunny days of summer. Summer is the ultimate Sabbath time. Leisurely, reconnect with your faith in ways you might not normally do so, and see what “develops.” See you in worship!

Peace & Grace,

Pastor Eddie